A quick howto on mod_security rules.

The following is an excerpt. [caption id="attachment_74" align="aligncenter" width="221"] no image caption[/caption] This howto does not cover installation of mod_security, it will only cover the finer points
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Playing around with Nvidia DSR tehnologies.

The following is an excerpt. Up until now i have "never" max out my computer while gaming. 2x GTX Titans are a bit overkill still, but with resolutions like 7680 × 4320 6gb video memory doesnt hurt :) Check ou
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My vmware hypervisor at home

The following is an excerpt. Finally got mye vmware hypervisor at home up and running :) Using all spare power for Folding@Home project.  <3   [caption id="attachment_59" align="aligncenter" width="102
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